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Dear Member,

Reminder that the 2021 Annual General Meeting is on Sunday 23 January 2022 starting at 3pm. The members information pack has been updated to include life members nomination bio, nominations received for directors and the 2021 AGM Proxy Form – you can obtain those documents from The 2021 Annual Report will also be available at that address shortly.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the ongoing COVID situation in Wollongong, the 2021 AGM will now be held via ZOOM.

How will the voting be conducted if the AGM is being held via Zoom?

As this meeting is a virtual meeting, the Chair has determined that all voting items on the agenda (include agenda numbers, 4, 5 & 6 etc) will be conducted by an independent website called Election Runner. Online voting by-poll on all resolutions will be secret by nature. All voting will be weighted in accordance with members exercisable votes, that is if a member is holding a proxy or not.

So that we can prepare and ensure that the AGM starts on time, financial members wishing to attend the meeting are required to register no later than 1 pm on Friday 21st of January via the following link:

Please note that each member attending will need to have their own individual email address, the Election Runner website does not work with email addresses that are shared between people.
On the day of the AGM at approximately 1 pm on Sunday the 23rd of January, those members who have registered to attend and are eligible to vote will receive an email with a link to the Zoom meeting, and you will recieve an email from Election runner, all you will need to do is click on “click here to vote”, once clicked the member will be automatically logged-into their profile. The ZOOM link for the meeting will also be provided at that time.
Once directed by the Chair during the ZOOM meeting, members will be asked to cast their votes.
The results of all voting items will be read out at the end of the meeting.
Any questions please email