Basketball Illawarra

Aussie Hoops (5yrs-12yrs)

“Aussie Hoops” is the Basketball Australia’s foundational and introduction program to the sport of Basketball.
This program will cater for any children between 5yrs-12yrs old and will run on a Saturday Morning from 9am-10am at the Snakepit.
This program is aimed for any children who are eager to learn the fundamentals of Basketball (Ballhandling, Passing, Shooting, Defence and Footwork). This program will allow children to learn the skills needed to participate in our Local Competition on a weekday afternoon.
The Program will cost $150 for the term. The registration fee for the term will include the following items:
Please Note: Participants are allowed to be playing in the Local Competition.
START DATE: Saturday 12th February 2022
FINISH DATE: Saturday 9th April 2022
Please Note: Aussie Hoops will not run on the following dates due to BNSW games held at Basketball Illawarra.
For more information, please contact our Development Officer at (02) 4225 9999 or