Basketball Illawarra

Become A Referee

Why should I become a referee?

How am I trained as a referee?

Basketball Illawarra has a referee development program that gives you:

How much of my time will referee training involve?

The initial training takes around 4 hours and then we ask you to commit to a 4 – 6 week practical on-court training program, which is a few games a week.

What is the minimum age for a referee?

Usually we like referees to be in Year 7 or above but will take Year 6 students on a case-by-case basis.

How much does a referee get paid?

Basketball Referees get paid according to their accredited level and experience. Most high school aged referees earn more per game then working at McDonalds, for example.

How will I improve as a referee?

All Basketball Illawarra referees are coached and observed by referee coaches and senior referees who provide feedback and solutions to areas for improvement. Most referees improve through match experience which is gained each week by being faced with challenges that you learn to overcome. With this experience and knowledge come better opportunities to referee higher quality games and an increase in payrates. Any accreditation gained from refereeing at Basketball Illawarra is recognised across Australia.
For further information contact or ring the Referee Program Manager on (02) 4225 9999