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Competition Information – Seniors

Team nominations are closed.

One place remains in the Division 1 Men Tuesday. To nominate a team please email


REGISTRATION (per player)
Registration fee is annual Basketball NSW / Illawarra membership and sports injury insurance. Valid for 12 months from payment. All players must have a valid registration for insurance and COVID tracing purposes.
$130 – players born 2003 or earlier
$95 – players born 2004 and later. Junior players must be a minimum of 15 years old to participate in senior competition.

New players to ensure the 12 month registration period aligns with seasons, please do not register until team is confirmed and/or closer to the season start. Link to register will be emailed with team confirmation.

Current players registration renewal reminders are emailed from Sports TG (these may filter to junk).

$60 once off fee invoiced to team contact at the start of the season.

GAMES FEES (per team/game)
Paid weekly prior to each game via ‘Teampay’ app.
$95 – Championship
$80 – Division 1 – 3
$60 – Social
plus, Teampay transaction fees $0.26 + 2.5%

New teams Teampay code will be emailed to team contact. All players download the Teampay app and join the team with the code provided from team contact. Debit card details must be added to the app to work effectively.

Rostered by Basketball Illawarra due to COVID-19 bio-security requirements.

Matching singlets numbered between 00-99. No duplicate numbers.
Basketball or sports shorts. Casual and board shorts not permitted.

When considering uniforms, sublimated uniforms are the best option as there is no limitations to the design and artwork is dyed into the fabric so there is never any peeling or fading. The quality is 100 times better and will last longer and are not much more expensive than stock singlets with applied piecework. If you know anyone that would like to sponsor the singlets and advertise their business, please contact for more information.

Two team contacts are required and are responsible for the following.
• Relay any communication from the office to all team members.
• Check weekly player availabilities to ensure a team can be fielded.
• Contact the office if forfeiting to ensure opposition can be notified.
• Ensure game fees are paid prior to each game via Teampay app.


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Competition Information – Seniors

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